Odon 2011 Campout

Travis Bailey, Dan Darden, and Al Bailey. Al, Tom, and Logan
Melton Dunscomb,Fred Morris, Al Mahan, Dan Darden, Dan Hoffman, Ray Porter, Tom Noble, Edd Prothro, Larry Barnett, Al Bailey Getting ready for the Parade at Tom Noble's house in Odon.
Melton Ed, Fred, and ?
Tina Bailey & Ellen Morris  Fred 
 Our President Al Bailey  Dan Darden
Look at the view at the campsite  Dan Hoffman's Food stand 
Melton, Dan, Al Sharron & Larry Barnett
Tom Noble giving us a Welcome Speach A clock that Al Mahan made
Heading to the Parade Al
Ellen & Fred going out for a Kayack ride Pontoon Rides by Scott
Heading to the Parade Tent in Tom's back yard
Koh Tang Truck with Al Bailey The party is on
Our Host Tom & Shelba Noble Best shirt ever!
Dan Darden, Tom Noble, Ray Porter, Fred Morris, Al Mahan, Edd Protho, Melton Dunscomb