Books that have been written about the Mayaguez Recovery Mission

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The 14 Hour Way The Mayaguez Incident The Mayaguez Incident book
"14 Hour War Valor on Koh Tang and the recapture of the SS Mayaguez"
By James E. Wise and Scott Baron
"The Mayaguez Incident: Testing America's Resolve in the Post-Vietnam Era (Modern Southeast Asia Series)"  
By Robert J. Mahoney
An Act of Piracy booy by Gerald Reminick A Very Short War book by John F Guilmartin Jr about the Mayaguez Incident in Koh Tang
"An Act of Piracy" by Gerald Reminick
"A Very Short War" By John F Guilmartin, Jr.
The Last Battle a book by Ralph Wetterham about Koh Tang Mayaguez Incident The Four Days of Mayaguez by Roy Rowan a book about Mayaguez Koh Tang Incident
"The Last Battle"  By Ralph Wetterhahn   Review   "The Four Days of Mayaguez" By Roy Rowan
A Knavish Piece of Work a book by Ejner Fulsang
by Cary Turner, Joseph's cousin

Very Good Read!
"A Knavish Piece of Work"   BY Ejner Fulsang
The Beach Club voted not to endorse this book for a multitude of reasons. Read at your own risk, it is very hard to separate fiction portrayed as fact if you were not there and don't know the real truth.  White lies are one thing, this is a piece of work...  
 by Ric Hunter
Book by Christopher Jon Lamb