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CBS News about three MIA Marines from the May 15 1975 rescue CBS News Video - A video news report from January 24, 2001 about the three MIA Marines from the May 15, 1975 rescue operation.
Back to Koh Tang a video A video Teaser-  Back to Koh Tang 2000 - (Purchase at the Beach Club Store)
Four Kohtang Vets, SSgt Clark Hale, LCpl Gale Rogers, LCpl Larry Barnett, and Pfc Curtis Myrick along with "The Last Battle" Book Author Ralph Wetterhahn return to Koh Tang for this emotional remembrance.

Preview for the available DVD of the return trip to Koh Tang The actual DVD is very clear. There is over a hour of Koh Tang Video.   Full video available in the Koh Tang Store
2012 Branson Reunion   Little "E" performance
Gunny McGowan's Missing Man Ceremony at the Branson 2012 Reunion
   Lt Col Austin's toast at the 2012 Branson Reunion
Tom Rieter Blue 82 Bomb Drop video
Scott Baron Video media/videos/Baron_Video/SCOTT_BARON-_BLAZE_TV - 500X300.wmv