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1057) Allen Dave 
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1056) Terry Brooks 
Amboy wa
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This message is for Richard Parks thank you so much for being part of the dedication it was honor to meet all of you guys Semper Fi
1055) Jim "Heavy" Hoey 
Rancho Santa Fe, CA
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For Tom Noble and Staff... The USS Henry B. Wilson (DDG-7) Ship and nearly all of the Crew "Never" received a Combat Action Ribbon (CAR) However; apparently it's pretty easy to obtain one per this article. It's a Damn Shame that the Wilson Ship/Crew never received this Award! The USS Kearsarge (LHD-3) "Never Fired a Single Round of Anything! Just plain BS!
- USS Henry B. Wilson DDG-7 on May 15, 1975: After 24 hours of Firefights,
154 rounds of 5" 54 HE, and 60,000 Rounds of .50 cal.
- USS Kearsarge (LHD-3): Rounds Fired (0).
Sailors from the amphibious assault ship Kearsarge and dock landing ship Ashland have been awarded the Combat Action Ribbon for an Aug. 19, 2005 incident in Aqaba, Jordan. The crews were notified by letter from 5th Fleet on Dec. 1, according to a Kearsarge spokesman. While Kearsarge and Ashland were tied up pier side in port, a rocket flew over Ashland’s bow and past Kearsarge, hitting a nearby warehouse. The Katyusha rocket killed a Jordanian soldier and wounded another. Both were standing watch on the pier. Two other rockets launched over the harbor. One landed in Israel, and the other near a Jordanian hospital. Islamic militants claimed responsibility. No Americans were hurt and no U.S. equipment sustained damage. My Last Post on This Website. Stayed BLESSED Folks!
1054) Heavy Hoey 
Rancho Santa Fe
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Thank you Tom Noble for your response to my CAR request… I doubt that anyone but myself will have the patience to submit a request.
1053) Edd Prothro 
Broken Arrow, OK
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R I P Milton "Snooky" Dunscomb
"...And when he gets to heaven, to St. Peter he will tell: Another Marine reporting, Sir, I've spent my time in hell..."
Semper Fi!!!
1052) Marsha Witwer 
United States
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My husband, Darryl Witwer, was a trouble shooter from USS CORAL SEA. Thank you for reaching out to him. He posted here on May 15 before we knew he had Lung Cancer with multiple organ involvement. He died June 22, 2021, but because of your contact, he knew had made a difference. I shall always be in your debt for allowing him to leave this world with more peace.

Mrs. Darryl (Marsha) Witwer
1051) Tom Noble 
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In Response to Mr. Hoey's request for the organization to pursue the Combat Action Ribbon for blue water units. In 1975 the criteria was simple for award of the CAR, (Be fired upon by the enemy and return fire). However since then a directive put out by the Commandant of the Marine Corps states that blue water units, in addition to others, may be eligible for the CAR. After investigation and conferring with the Board of Directors we feel that the individual unit involved should be the one that submits the request. Of all the after action awards that we found this was the case. No where did we find a veterans organization submitting a request. We recommend that you contact someone like retired Admiral J.M. Rodgers or some other senior officer. However again we feel that in is not correct for the KTMVO to get involved in your request. Additionally, all must remember that the KTMVO is non-paid volunteers with limited, mostly donated resources.
1050) Richard Parks, Sr. 
Casper, Wyoming
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Was honored to be able to attend and to Escort Terry's Koh Tang Truck to the Museum for Military Vehicles in DuBoise Wyoming. It was humbling to meet the 5 survivors that attended the dedication. I was on the USS COral Sea CVA-43 from 1967-1970, never heard about her being involved in this Rescue Operation, "So Glad She Was" Plan on making many trips over the next few years to see this Museum with my Grand Kids and Great Grandkids. Will always remember May 15th 2021. God Bless and keep all those who were there that day. Semper Fortutis
1049) Darryl l Witwer 
Cedar Grove Tn
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I am the helo troubleshooter, ( Helo Combat Sqdrn 1 ) USS Coral Sea, May 1975. who did fuel line repair during SS Mayaguez operation. I am 77 and retired Navy Air. Tried telling my story, is too long for guest book. Where do I tell my story ??
1048) John Sinica 
Cincinnati, OH
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46 years ago we watched as you boarded the 53s. It should be us.

46 years ago we waited for word. It should be us.

46 years ago, chopper down Northeast of U-Tapao. It's time for us.

46 years ago 12 left for the chopper. A time for us.

46 years ago the Mayaguez was boarded. That could be us.

46 years ago the crew was released. That could have been us.

46 years ago we watched as some choppers were returning. That should have been us.

46 years ago we watched battle worn Marines disembark. That could have been us.

46 years ago we watched Marines help one another. That should have been us.

46 years ago wounded Marines were taken to the Base Hospital. That could have been us.

46 years ago 15 men gave their lives on Koh Tang. That should have been us.

46 years ago 3 men were lost in the withdrawal. That could have been us.

46 years later I still say it should have and could have been us.

46 years later I still ask why shouldn't it or couldn't it have been us?

In closing I say to all the men 1/4th and 2/9th BLT on that day. Thank you for being there with us and most definitely for us. Most of all for the sacrifices you made that day. You are thought of daily.

Semper Fi Marines
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