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700) Shareast 
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698) Robert VanderMolen 
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People,we have one of ours Brothers in trouble with cancer.
Charlie Robb H&S 2/9 81's. He could use our thoughts and prayers. He is one of a kind always caring for All of us. A hell of a person. He's at a VA hospital fighting for his life and really needs our support.
His e-mail address is charlierobb@prodigy.net drop him a line and cheer him up.
Semper-Fi & Thank-you
697) LCpl James L Taylor jr 
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I'm 61 years old do not have much time. I live well after my hich with the Marine Corp the best thing to have happen to myself. I was with H&SCo 106iplt, i've been looking for you all. At last I've found you. I was at Utapao air base during the Mayaguez incident. Would like to talk, have some pitcures.

/** Great talking to you James. It is hard to believe 40 years have passed. Glad you found the Koh Tang Mayaguez Veterans Organization and that we were able to assist you in finding one of your Marine Corps friends.
696) James W. Draper 
Grand Rapids, Michigan
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And the final portion:

Let me reiterate that I deeply appreciate all the interest expressed in visiting our museum for the 40th anniversary. My invitation stands. Our temporary exhibit on the 100-year history of the aircraft carrier – entitled “Taking the Seas: Rise of the American Aircraft Carrier” – has been extended to July 19. Please contact me if you should have any questions or concerns. I look forward to the 40th anniversary. Take care.
695) James W. Draper 
Grand Rapids, Michigan
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3. It would be an honor to meet with any veterans from the Mayaguez Incident / Battle of Koh Tang who decide to visit our museum. All are welcome. It would also be my great privilege to provide a tour of our facility to those of you who make the trek. Please let me know ahead of time if you expect a sizable group, so I can properly accommodate.

4. Please do not try to retrieve objects you donated to other museums in order to donate them to us. It places that museum and us in a very awkward position. Moreover, military museums may prove to be a more suitable repository for your materials.

5. We evaluate all artifact donations to ensure they meet our mission and to ensure we can properly preserve them. Storage space is limited. Accepted donations consist of a transfer of ownership of the materials to us with no strings attached. We do not guarantee exhibit of items donated. When you visit a museum, what you see on display represents just a fraction of that institution’s collection. Like most museums, our mission focuses on collecting, preserving, and interpreting historic materials for future generations, not just exhibiting.
694) James W. Draper 
Grand Rapids, Michigan
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The length of this message requires me to post it in increments. Here's the first part:

I hope the New Year finds you well. I want to clarify a few points to help individuals and/or groups determine their plans for the 40th anniversary of the Mayaguez Incident / Battle of Koh Tang and to avoid any potential misunderstandings:

1. Our institution, the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, will mark the occasion with lobby displays in our museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan and our library in Ann Arbor, Michigan. These displays will consist of materials from our collection. We also plan to release a website on the subject to highlight further artifacts, photos, and documents from our collection.

2. We are offering our museum as a destination, not as an event. No special event or programming has been planned for the 40th. I cannot guarantee anything will be planned. We offer exhibits on the life and times of Gerald R. Ford, as well as a current temporary exhibit on the history of aircraft carriers. We do lease space for special events, but that must be scheduled through our events staff and it is regulated by federal facility guidelines.
693) Ernest Manning 
Beach park Illinois
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014 20:08 Host: Send E-mail

Was stationed at NKP,Thailand on May ,15 1975... Was a Fuels Specialist and actually refueled the HH53 that went down just north of the base..Proud of all the brave men and women who participated in that recovery effort and God's grace to those who gave all...
692) Navarro 
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014 14:28 Host: Send E-mail

Belated Merry X-Mas and a happy New year to all Golf 2/9, to all veterans involved in the Mayaguez recovery, and military families who have supported the cause for freedom. I salute you all. Belated Merry X-mas n new year Lt. Keith.
691) Dan Spahn 
Cedar Rapids, IA
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Saturday, December 27, 2014 07:03 Host: Send E-mail

To all the Brothers I met in Branson, may 2015 bring you health and happiness!
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