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712) Scott Standfast 
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My wife Phyllis and I attended the 2/9 De-activation ceremony at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. I did not see any other Marines or sailors from the 1970's there. It was a great ceremony and sad at the same time.
There is a link that I have forwarded to Al Mahan and Fred Morris to put on websites respectively.
If you want me to send link to you ?
e-mail me at sgtmajor78@yahoo.com
Ductus Exemplo,
Scott Standfast
L/Cpl on Koh Tang-L/Cpl was a good rank
Retired Sergeant Major (30 years)
711) william polly 
fulton ny
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second part one down

the ones we save but sad for those who we lost. their names are on the wall. the last name of the Vietnam war. the brave men who I honor every year at this time. so no matter how much I am shit upon by others, I am respected by my brothers that day. so family is just not by blood but something more. giving your life to save your brothers is what make you family. being there when you are feeling alone. for this I say thank you my brothers. we are all getting older and some of us have passed away since that day. but as we pass away we meet our brothers in heaven, our family.
710) william polly 
fulton, ny
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the old saying that I remember is as follows : I came in this world alone and I will go out alone. but then you meet your mom and dad. then you meet your siblings. so you are not alone anymore, but in some cases that is not true. you find out that some of your siblings are never there for you when you need your family the most. but after some years you join the military and find more than family. you found brotherhood, honor, and loyalty. you found that in time of war they are your family, your brothers, your protectors. they are there when you need them the most, not like your family (some of them). your not alone anymore. just about 40 years ago in a combat mission I found this brotherhood. it was the battle of koh tang mayaquez. a group of brave men on land air and ships went to war to recue the ship that was taken. 41 brave men died that day. they gave their all to save their brothers. every time on may 15th I remember that day.
709) Mark 
Surprise, AZ
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Sunday, April 19, 2015 00:05 Host: Send E-mail

I was on the USS Coral Sea during the Mayaquez operation.
I saw the huge bomb (Daisey Cutter) detonate.
I still can't imagine being on the beach when that thing went off.
Remember The Jolly that was so full of holes that it couldn't fly off and was craned off at Subic. It literally bled all over the deck when it landed.
The hangar bay was turned into a hospital...
I'll never forget
708) Navarro 
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015 18:31 Host: Send E-mail

so what is the problem so that all can see. Otherwise nothing can be remedied. or send a message to each individually if all agree.
707) Larry Branson 
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Monday, April 13, 2015 13:26 Host: Send E-mail

I guess I have not seen or heard the negative things going on. Remember all of us are brothers forever linked. Semper Fi
706) Dan Hoffman 
Columbia, SC
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Monday, April 13, 2015 11:17 Host: Send E-mail

Disappointing to see that this guest book isn't being utilized as intended. Brothers we need to support each other and this organization. Let us put aside any differences and personal issues and work positively for the common good. We don't need negative individuals pushing personal agendas or continually spewing derisive or divisive comments. We are survivors and while many still suffer we need to heal and move forward together. If you are so negative about this organization that you feel the need to hurt our fellow combat veterans, perhaps you should find another outlet and move on.
705) Joel Coble 
Dublin, GA
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Thursday, March 12, 2015 08:14 Host: Send E-mail

My father was Maj John Coble. He was the A/C for Spectre 61 during the events of May 12-15, 1975. Maj Coble passed in June of 2013, and is buried in the Veterans Cemetery in Canton, GA.

Only once did my father ever speak of the Mayaguez with me, and then, only briefly. Likewise, with all of his experiences in Viet Nam.

I'm so thankful to the people who have made this web site possible. I've read ALL of the guestbook, and many of the documents. This web site is a tremendous gift to future generations.
704) Lance coporal c. Blades 
Tulsa okla
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Sunday, March 1, 2015 10:24 Host: Send E-mail

I my unit was the 2nd bat 12th marines fox battery out camp Hague Okinawa Japan we were attached to 3 bat 9th marines in 1975 April a bat landing team we were put on alert for the mayaquez while aboard the uss Tuscaloosa also we were in operation frequent winds off the coast of Vietnam this operation involved over fifty us navy ships my condolence goes out to all military personel involved in both operations simper fi 3rd mar div
703) Freddie Hare USAF Ret. 
Conway AR.
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Monday, February 23, 2015 20:26 Host: Send E-mail

My crew was tasked to pick up the USAF Police killed in the Helo. I was 20 years old and had hauled supplies in support all day. We land at NKP early AM but was unaware of what we where to pick up. I remember seeing the loader coming down the ramp and was my first KIA's. What a sad morning. It's hard to loose friends something I've had to do more than I want to think of. I want to thank all of you seems end of a war no gratitude but I have thought of that day many times.
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