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1044) Paul Bussiere 
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As the 15th approaches and to all that are with us or have moved on to the next place....Semper fi brothers.
1043) Terry Brookseui 
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Hey Susan thanks for signing the guest book just wanted you to know but I'm donating the truck to a museum and Dubois Wyoming on May 15th this year
1042) Susan Guerin 
Warm Springs, OR
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I saw Terry Brooks trucks 2 years ago. Very Nice!
I will be reading more about your organization.
Best wishes to all🦅
1041) Jimmie Grubb 
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Welcome home to all vets. Thanks for granting me membership into this prestigious group. I served onboard DDG-7 USS Henry B Wilson “Hammerin’ Hank.”
1040) Dave Miller 
Modesto, Calif.
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Does anyone know if L/Cpl Ashton Loney used the nickname "Michael"? I went through ITS at Camp Pendleton from Oct-Nov 1974, and was on working parties with a Loney, who I'm sure said his name was Michael. I was with 1/4 during Frequent Wind, and when he was listed as KIA on Koh Tang, we all assumed it was the Loney we knew.

Thank you for your service and message Mr. Miller it was not the same gentleman.
1039) David Gutierrez 
Norwalk CA
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My Brother Stephen Gutierrez was one of the last Marines that was rescued that day. He just passed on Oct 7th he was 65. He rarely spoke of what happened. He was extremely troubled and affected by this all his days. If anyone who knew him would like to share a memory with me I would be forever grateful. My family and I Thank All who have served.
Sincerely and Respectfully
David Gutierrez
1038) Fred Morris 
Waterloo iowa
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The Board has been meeting trying to figure what to do with the reunion amid the Covid-19 situation. President Tom Noble posted this to the web site:
All, The KTMV board held a virtual meeting tonight. The major topic of discussion was our next reunion. As everyone knows planning anything is a challenge. The current plan is to meet again on Jan 27 to try to analyze any options that we may have Please continue to check the web site for additional information Additionally we will attempt to notify everyone by email in the near future with any information that we have.

On Jan 27th we hope to decide on a future date. The current consensus is the May of 2021 will be too soon for the vaccine to be widely distributed and keep our members safe to travel and gather in a large group, and travel together in a motor coach on our day trip.

You would be well advised not to be purchasing Airline tickets, booking motel rooms, or sending in Kohtang registrations until firm plans are in place.

We debated between October of 2021 or to be safe, May of 2022. We hope to nail down a date in January and inform the membership of the decision.
We thank you for your understanding and patience thru this and pray for your safety.
Semper Fi Fred
1037) John Sinica 
Cincinnati, OH
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Happy Thanksgiving To You All! This last year has taken it's toll in one way or another. But we all move on. I am thankful for many things. What I am most thankful for right now is just being here. It's because of you. Thank you. No one knows about this part of my history.
1036) Wayne Labbe 
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Happy Thanksgiving all and see you all this May 2021
1035) Edd Prothro 
Broken Arrow OK
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Gobble, Gobble!!!
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