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609) dennis r green 
caddo ok
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Yesterday at 06:46 Host: Send E-mail

I was in 2/9 marines then. I was lucky enough as one chosen to stay at camp schwab instead of deploying. I just recently found out about the three marines left behind and am having trouble dealing with it
608) Bob Blough 
United States
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014 19:12 Host: Send E-mail

Thanks for checking in to our website, brother. We all toiled in the heat and rain at NKP to do our duty, and to keep each other safe.
I was a Jolly, but I had some good friends in the Knives -- John Schramm, Jim Kays, Brian Rye, etc.
Thank you for remembering...it was only yesterday, right?
607) Bob Blough 
United States
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014 19:04 Host: Send E-mail

As usual, Larry has it right. We were all young and full of testosterone, but we all needed each other and depended on each other to complete the mission and to take care of each other. God Bless all of you for being there when we needed each other. I'm looking forward to hugging old brothers and newly-found brothers (and sisters) in May.
606) Tony Castro 
Central Florida
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Monday, April 7, 2014 10:24 Host: Send E-mail

Hello Brothers,

I just found this site and wanted to shout out to all family, friends & Brothers of the Koh Tang organization. I also want to shout out & acknowledge our buddies of Fox Company 2/9 Marines who embarked the helicopters and raced to Koh Tang to provide support to our brothers needing help on the island. God Bless Us!
605) Koh tang kid 
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Saturday, April 5, 2014 21:24 Host: Send E-mail

Dear Brothers,

In my personal opinion I don't believe it has always been one sided. Golf as mentioned. It always been about the participants in the operation. Unfortunately no Echo members have ever come forward to assist and help locate others. The first reunion I'm sure was experimental and wasn't designed to piss off others. We should not harbor ill feeling and just accept it for what it can become. We are not forced to go but would be welcomed at any time and are always looking for volunteers to assist and help find our other brothers. Life is too short to have negative feeling, and we can't worry about the nichol and dime shit. Remember brothers it took a lot of brothers to do what we did because there was not a single island where only one guy fought the battle, it was all of us. Be positive and respectful. Your brother in arms.
604) Al Mahan 
Granite City, IL
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Saturday, April 5, 2014 05:59 Host: Send E-mail

My family wants to send our condolences to the Morris family in their time of lose. There isn't any words that can express our feelings to anyone during this time, but just being there for them if need shows more than words can ever say.

God Bless your Family Fred & Ellen

Semper Fi Brother
603) Larry Barnett 
Ada, OK
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Friday, April 4, 2014 21:51 Host: Send E-mail

Hello Brothers. The Branson reunion is near and Sharon and I are so looking forward to seeing each of you and your families. We share such a special moment in American history. In one single day you set a precedent that continues to be taught in military classrooms across the nation. In one single day the “paper tiger” image was erased by a group of very young AMERICANS!!! We were kids who just asked to serve our country. In one single day you changed history. In one single day you were not Golf, Echo, or Hotel company. You were not Marines, Navy, or Air Force. YOU WERE AND ARE AMERICANS!! You were and are a Band of Brothers. Nothing will ever change that. Each of you stood in the face of certain death to make sure that no country ever kidnaps our citizens except they are willing to pay an ultimate price. We have always been more than a company or a branch of service. We are American Brothers. God Bless the last 41 names. Larry
602) Al & Tina Bailey 
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Friday, April 4, 2014 18:44 Host: Send E-mail

Please pray for Fred Morris and his family.
His Mother past away earlier today.
I am sure you know the pain he is going through.
At times like this, we can't help remembering how fragile life is. May God surround you all with his love.
601) David L Wharton 
United States
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Thursday, April 3, 2014 15:41 Host: Send E-mail

I was stationed at NKP from april 74-april 75 in the USAF and was assigned to 56TH CAMS jet engine shop/flightline.I worked on all the 21ST SOS Knifes Helos engines.I was on alert standby for possible TDY deployment for Eagle Pull(evac of Phnom Penh).But I derosed on April 11,1975 so I missed the Mayaguez but I consider myself a fellow Airman to all those that were involved and I was personal friends with several of those who were involved with Eagle Pull and the Mayaguez
Long Live our 21ST Knifes.
600) J. Scott Standfast 
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Saturday, March 29, 2014 19:51 Host: Send E-mail

First re-union in Ft Walton beach had a great amount of ECHO company personnel; considering less of ECHO were on the island compared to Golf.
I pray that more ECHO company personnel come to the re-unions in the future.
We (ECHO) company are an important part of the the Koh Tang operation, just as equally important as Golf company.
I have heard, witnessed, and observed the one sided re-union.
Well, it is not all about one company. It's about all of us; Echo, Golf, HQ, mortars, officer, enlisted, wives, children, brotherhood, fog of war, KIA, MIA, WIA, etc... etc... etc...
L/CPL Standfast
Squad Leader - Koh Tang
SgtMaj Standfast
30 years active duty
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