Return to Koh Tang 2015

A trip of a lifetime as described by some, certainly a healing trip for most. May 8-18, 2015

The returning cast,  Gale Rogers, Clark Hale, Fred Morris, John Moeller,
 John Lucas, Larry Barnett, Don Raatz, Scott Standfast



Boat Ride to Koh Tang

The transportation boat    
The Cambodian Navy escort    

Island Memorial Dedication

  Lost on Island Names Security Police Plaque
John Moeller & Clark Hale
Koh Tang Trip organizers'
  Lunch from VFW  

Koh Tang Island!

West Beach
  Trail heading over to West Beach  
Arriving at West Beach Arms stash cave still there West beach from south
tall tree from where snipers hid Plaque from Jeff Kern installed  by Gale Rogers  
  Cartridges found @ echo sites  
East Beach Helo parts    

Embassy Memorial,   May 15, 2015

Flag ceremony   Clark's Speach
  From Knife wreckage East Beach  

VFW11575  Banquet and  Larry's 110 Bar


Meeting with Em Son


Crusin on the Mekong River in John's Viet Nam era Patrol boat

  John's Boat  

Thought to be Danny Marshal's final resting place.


Misc Photos


Killing Fields Tour