Bringing Joseph Hargrove Home

A Great read of a true story of Cary Turner who is the cousin of Joseph Hargrove, a member of the Gun Team left behind from the west beach during the evac.  Cary has traveled to Koh Tang twice trying to recover Joseph's remains and bringing him home.  I highly recommend this book and Cary could use our help putting pressure on Congress and the JTF to get the answers that we all want to know.  The book is available to order now thru Tate Publishing following this link.

Bringing Joseph Hargrove Home
Secrets of the Mayaguez Incident
by Cary Turner

Koh Tang is a small island located thirty miles off the coast of Cambodia. It was an island never heard of by the Hargrove family until May 15, 1975. It was Joseph Hargrove's twenty-fourth birthday when he and fellow marines were called to arms. Their objective was to free hostages taken from the cargo ship, Mayaguez. In Bringing Joseph Hargrove Home, you will read of how Joseph Hargrove and his gunnery crew, Gary Hall and Danny Marshall, were left behind. Was it a mistake or did they know they were leaving marines behind?

For over thirty-seven years, the Hargrove family still has questions that remain unanswered. What happened to Joseph? Why the mystery surrounding his death? This book is about one man's efforts to find answers to those questions. The author takes you on a five year journey where he encounters many obstacles, but with the help from old friends, new acquaintances, and determination, he endures. It is a compilation of humorous childhood stories shared by Joseph's best friend, Grant Rich, and numerous emails giving you, the reader, an up-close and personal look at problems encountered by the author.

Included among those emails are a few sent from Em Son by way of Noma. Those emails give you an account of the last moments of Joseph's life. The author also injects his thoughts and reasoning in an attempt for the reader to understand more fully the feelings of the Hargrove family and what they have endured since May 15, 1975.

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