Lt Col. James Davis Film Vault


On May 25, 2017, at the University of South Carolina,  a ceremony was held to honor one of our own.

As part of a mission to salvage and preserve historical film/video history of the Marine Corps,  a Film Repository Vault and Scanning Room was dedicated on the University Campus. 

The Marine Corps, working with the University, moved the entire USMC film collection from Quantico, VA to the campus. Necessary to complete this mission, a climate controlled warehouse had to be built along with a scanning room to process all of the film. 

Funding had to be procured to make this happen before the films were destroyed from age and improper storage.  

Known to all of us as Captain Davis, Lt. Col. James H. Davis was alumni from the University as was his brother and other family members. Knowing that Captain Davis was a passionate historian, the family spearheaded the fundraising and made the Marine Corps mission a success. 

In honor of Captain Davis, the film vault was dedicated in his name. In addition, the Scanning room was named in honor of Jim’s brother John.

Included are a number of photographs taken the day of the ceremony. Captain Davis son, Chris cut the ribbon at the vault and his Grandson cut the ribbon at the scanning room.

In attendance were many friends and family. Also in attendance was retired General and MOH recipient, General Stanley Livingston. General Livingston served with 2/4 when he received the MOH and was also involved in Operation Eagle Pull and Frequent Wind.

Semper Fi🇺🇸