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Your Mayaguez Memories


My name is Paul Bussiere.  I was in Echo Company 2nd Battalion 9th Marines. I am the currently the secretary for the Mayaguez/Koh Tang veterans association. I just recently got involved with the association and (for me) the group, I have had the pleasure of meeting, has really helped me come to terms with certain aspects of the operation. The comradely has been outstanding. The support from the members has been fantastic. I want to collect the stories that are out there. The next paragraph explains why. I hope this collection of your stories helps heal any old wounds you may be carrying albeit physical or mental.
Since I have been in this position with the organization a surprising amount of members have shared with me that they feel their story has not been heard.
As you may be aware there have been books, articles and TV shows about the operation, however only a few have had the chance to share the part of history that they recall. This is no one’s fault and in no way is there anyone to blame. It’s simply the nature of business to get just a few stories. I believe that everyone involved in anyway should have a chance to share their part of this with anyone that is interested in reading about it. My goal with this book is to provide a vehicle for those that want to share their story. There will be an opening statement with a general history of the operation. The following pages will have the name, rank and service and then your story in your words. At this time I am planning that the stories will not appear in specific order. I hope that everyone involved responds. From those left because of age to those that were shipped out after being on Okinawa for 1 day. All these stories are important. All of these stories are interesting. All of these stories ARE the operation to rescue the crew and retake the ship. Please take this opportunity to share with the world YOUR story.

 I ask that you would take a few minutes out of your day to share your impressions, thoughts, stories etc. of the Mayaguez, Koh Tang operation. The purpose is to get YOUR information on paper as a historical document. Whether you stayed in Okinawa because of age or you were a pilot from Thailand suddenly thrown into this effort. My goal is to collect these stories and get YOUR thoughts on paper.
We need to honor those that did not return or carry the scares, mentally or/and physically about this operation.
I want the stories from the men on the ships to the people on the bases. What you saw, heard, felt and anything else you want to share.
I am hoping that everyone involved in any way respond and share their story about that day(s).
A few books have been written, some news articles and a couple TV documentaries. All of these have one issue that many have shared with me. That is their stories were not told. They did not get interviewed. They did not have a chance to unload their thoughts to about the operation with those that would read it.
I have included a form that helps me keep your responses orderly. It simply asks for your name, rank and service and how I can contact you for any clarifications I may need. Then the rest is blank for you input. It can go into great detail or slight. You can add pages if needed. You can provide your story via email, snail mail, video or audio tape. If you want to just talk to me and I will write down your thoughts you can call me.
I truly hope you take this opportunity to share with those that are interested your story. As you may already know this is considered the last battle of the Vietnam era. The names of those lost are on the wall. This operation has many parts to it that need to be recorded. I hope you will participate and share your story.
If the response is good your story will be in a book for all to read. When we are done my goal is to have everyone feel that they have been heard.
Quite a few Vets from this operation have various levels of PTSD. I hope that sharing your burden will lighten the load on each of you and your comrades.

Paul Bussiere
Echo 2/9
3rd Mar Div

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